Monday, June 22, 2009

The lost Adam Warlock

So i received an email today from someone stating that they had one of my sketch cards from last year's Marvel Masterpieces set! This particular card is of Adam Warlock. I will say one thing... it's really painful to look at my sketch cards now, because i absolutely had NO idea what the hell i was doing! It was my first time and i was really intimidated to be doing cards with such an awesome variety of artists who i have admired for years. Not only that, but didn't even know what tools to use, so it basically came down to just crappy pen and pencils. UGH! Thank God i have improved some since then and hopefully i'll get the chance to take a crack at some more actual sketch cards in the near future.

I know there are at least 20 more cards that i didn't post pictures of floating around somewhere out there. Maybe some more will turn up one of these days...

(Special thanks to Paul for emailing me this)

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