Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Drowning of Ophelia

(Orignally posted on Sunday, November 8, 2009)
Drowned Ophelia from Brutal Legend.

What an awesome character from an awesome game.

I drew this about a month ago, but never colored it. I tried something a little bit different by basically using the airbrush tool for her skin instead of just using flat shades and gradients. Slowly, but surely, i'm trying to import new things into my art, to get out of my "comfort zone" hopefully. Who knows...maybe there might even be backgrounds in my drawings in the near future? lol

(Actually, this drawing did have a background planned, but i admit it. I got lazy AND my hand started giving me issues a little bit. One thing I have a BIG problem with is finishing a drawing all in one sitting. I know that I probably shouldn't, but i just get all wrapped up in it and excited to be producing a new piece, especially since they have been few and far between lately)

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