Saturday, December 25, 2010

Resolutions for 2011!

Well, it's that time again....New Year's Resolution time! Each year, I make a list of characters that i hope to draw in the new year. I really slacked off the previous year, only completing a couple from the list. LOL Unfortunately, this year wasn't too much different.

1. Atom Eve (from Invincible)
2. Elastic-Girl (from The Incredibles)
3. Brandy or Jen (from Liberty Meadows)
4. Molly or Sister Grimm (from Runaways)
5. Bayonetta (that one is going to be tooooooooough!)
6. Felicia (from Darkstalkers)
7. Storm (Classic Design)
8 Loki (in female form, just because I haven't done a full body version yet)
9. The Baroness
10. Dejah Thoris

Out of all of them i only did 7 and sketchcard/sketch form no less. To my defense though, it has been an pretty hectic year, with me moving and all. Plus, the commissions have been really good this year (Thank you, John!) and I met the most amazing woman in the world in my dear Tracey. Even still, next year, i plan on actually doing more characters off of my resolution list. Enough with the formalities is the 2011 list:

1. Terra (from Power Girl/ Terrra mini-series)
2. Ms. Marvel
3. Zatanna
4. Brandy or Jen (from Liberty Meadows)
5. The Enchantress (full body drawing)
6. Black Cat (full body drawing)
7. Emma Frost
8. Miss Martian
9. Phantom Lady
10. Abbey Chase or Sydney Savage (from Danger Girl)

Hopefully, i can knock out some of these in the near future as well as do an abundance of pin up drawings, as i have been slacking in that category too. Also, if any of you out there in internet land have some request/suggestions as to who to draw, i'm all for hearing them! :-)

I would like to give thanks to those of you out there that actually take a look at this blog. Yeah, i admit that its not most entertaining thing out there and its pretty plain and generic, but i really do appreciate each and every visit that you guys and gals make to this page. Coming from an average guy who just likes to draw, it truly means a lot to me that there are a few people out there that take a genuine interest in my work. Thanks so much and here's to everyone having a stellar year next year!

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