Monday, February 16, 2009


A drawing of the feral X-Men heroine and Wolverine clone, X-23. While i'm not too big on the whole "Let's do a female clone of a charcter type of thing", there is something about her that has always caught my eye and made me like her. Maybe because i was such a fan of X-Men: Evolution or maybe it's because her character is so different from Wolverine's. I don't know, but she quickly became one of my favorite comic characters!

This is actually the first drawing i've completed since turning 30 a few weeks ago. I've still "got it" in my old age. This is also one of the new pieces that i plan on using in my first sketchbook for FX International in April. The sketchbook will consist of a lot of my favorite pieces that i have done along with several new and unseen work that i have to show (or produce, in some cases. lol)