Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ah ha! I fooled ya! There's one more sketch card for 2009. This one is of the magnificent Medusa from the Inhumans:

Last of the 2009 Sketch cards

Clockwise from the top left: A Na'Vi from Avatar, Bucky as Captain America, Invincible and Mystique.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Iron Man 2 Sketchcards!

My sketch card contributions to the Iron Man 2 card set coming out in 2010. Haven't posted these anywhere but here!

Monday, December 21, 2009

New Year's Wolvie

A sketch i did of Wolverine for a friend's New Year's Eve get together. Everyone brings in something that they have made (i.e a drawing, sculpture, painting, etc) and they trade with one another. Overall, i think it's an ok sketch. I mean, there are errors all over the place in it, but it's not too bad right? lol

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ruby: Old vs New!

While messing around today on Deviantart, i started going through some of my old drawings. Man, some of these things are pretty painful to look at now! I seriously wanted claw my eyes out on some of these things! As a test to see how much i've grown as an artist, I attempted to redraw a few of my drawings. This is the first, based on a old drawing of my "mascot", Ruby Chaos, from June of 2006:
The full sized version of the old drawing can be viewed here:
I have a few more in the works (plus i plan on adding a background to this one). So far, it's been a pretty fun experience redoing some of these old pics. I might just have to start doing this every couple of years...

3 out of 10?!?!? Really?!

A while back, i posted this blog entry:

10 characters that I want to draw before the end of the year:
1. Storm (classic design)
2. Invisible Woman
3. Phoenix (or Dark Phoenix)
4. Ulala (from Space Channel 5)
5. Black Canary
6. Gum (from Jet Set Radio)
7. Brandy and/or Jen (from Liberty Meadows)
8. Empowered
9. Sister Grimm (from Runaways)
10. Catwoman

Out of that entire list, I only managed to draw about three of those characters, being Catwoman, Ulala, and Phoenix (well, Invisible Woman could be in there. I mean, I could just say that a normal, white piece of paper counts as a drawing of her using her powers...ok I'll stop). Talk about slacking! So, with the new year approaching, I think it's time to make a new list of characters that I PLAN on drawing for the year of 2010:

1. Atom Eve (from Invincible
2. Elastic-Girl (from The Incredibles)
3. Brandy or Jen (from Liberty Meadows)
4. Molly or Sister Grimm (from Runaways)
5. Bayonetta (that one is going to be tooooooooough!)
6. Felicia (from Darkstalkers)
7. Storm (Classic Design)
8 Loki (in female form, just because I haven't done a full body version yet)
9. The Baroness
10. Dejah Thoris

Here's to hoping that by this time next year, i'll have at least 7 of these done.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Pixar = Death?!

So, at lunch today, i pixed up the Pixarpedia from the local bookstore. It's a pretty awesome book, filled with pictures and biographies of all of Pixar's films and shorts. Not only that, but it has a listing for pretty much EVERY character that has ever appeared in these films, no matter how important or non-important they are. Want to find out what all the little robots were called in Wall-E? This thing has it. Ever wanted to learn info about the various heroes in the Incredibles that were briefly mentioned? This book covers all of that! If you haven't checked it out, you should definitely take a look at it. To keep in the spirit of Pixar, i sketched up a couple of Pixar-related cards for fun:
The cast of Monsters Inc.

Syndrome from The Incredibles

And last, but not least (and completely off topic)...

Death (from DC/Vertigo's Sandman)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well, it's 2010 now and what's a better way to start the new year off right then by showcasing another fantastic and creative mind in the comic world. This month, it's the lovely and award-winning BelleChere. Probably one of the sweetest and most gifted cosplayers that i've ever had the chance to meet. I'm still in awe of her Dawn costume that won the Dawn Look-Alike Contest in 2008!

Check out her amazing work here:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Leopard

A drawing that was done in between sketching Iron Man 2 sketchcards.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dr. Sketchys 12-2-09

Sketch from the Dr. Sketchys event!