Friday, August 7, 2009

Dr. Sketchy pics are up!

Pictures from the August event (as well as the July event) are up on the Dr. Sketchy site! Check them out!


The Burwoodian said...

Ms. Mars, as she calls herself, has earned my respect for her amazing costume work. Nothing makes the world seem righter than a woman who can dress up like Molotov Cocktease (and design and sew the outfit as well!) and really pull it off!

The Burwoodian said...

Brilliant and beautiful Molotov Cocktease costuming. And she does her own stunts!

Big Chris said...

Yes indeedy! Her costume work is truly astonishing and it always amazes me that she does it all from scratch. Not only that, but she has to be one of the sweetest people i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. If you are at Dragon*con this year, be on the look out for myself, her and her amazing costumes running around.