Friday, July 13, 2007

Learning from the best...

The main reason why I created this blog is to basically show a "growth chart" of my work. While, as of right now, I am nowhere the level I need to be to do this for an actual living, I feel that in time, I’ll be able to learn new techniques from the many great artists on here to help my work grow. There are so many amazing talents here that you can’t help but take some form of inspiration in. Talents like Sean Galloway, Alberto Ruiz, Matthew Humphreys, Tracy M. Lee, Stephen Silver, Khary Randolph, Josh Howard….the list just goes on and on. Basically, all of my heroes and artistic idols are here. Plus, there are so many amazing artists that I have yet to discover and learn from.

This blog also gives me a better place to showcase some of my work and maybe get some insight as to what I need to do to improve it. Ha, maybe I’ll even learn how to use one of those fancy Wacom tablets that everyone seems to be talking about and using so much.

And with that said, away we go…..

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