Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sketchbooks, Dragon*Con and a little Shulkie!

With my personal life finally being in order and coming together, i've started to get drawings together for my 2010 sketchbook! I know, its a bit early for it, but i don't want to rush it like it did last years. While i was happy about how this years turned out, i knew it could be better. I'm thinking about making this one around 40-50 pages in full color (well, except for the pages with ACTUAL sketches/sketchcards on it). What i need are ideas for characters to draw for it. What character would you like to see me draw for the book?

Also, i will be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this year! I'll be heading up there with Ms. Mars and some of my good friends to enjoy one of the craziest cons of the year! Be on the look out for me in a Big Chris' Gallery t-shirt and feel free to come up and say hi!

Finally, let's top it off with a She Hulk sketchcard!

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