Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clowns, Nymphs and Gorillas...Oh My!

First on the menu is the Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker! I've never actually drawn the Joker before, but have always wanted to. For my first time, i don't think it's too bad. He's a tricky devil to draw, that's for sure. I will say that he's probably THE best villain in comics ever. Hands down.

Next up is one of my favorite Batman villains, the lovely Poison Ivy. I based my drawing on Brian Bolland's version of the character, but added a little bit of my own twist to her. I tried to make her a bit more nymphish than how other artists have portrayed her in the past. She always seemed like she should look like a very playful, but sultry character on the outside, but on the inside, she is a devious, determined individual who always gets what she wants. I also based her face and physique a little bit off of Christina Hendricks from Mad Men, who i feel is one of THE most stunning women (and stunning redheads, for that matter) in Hollywood right now. In the future, i hope to do a fully colored Poison Ivy piece based completely on her likeness.

Last, but not least is Tracy from Filmation's Ghostbusters. Even though it was overshadowed by The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, it's still one of my favorites from the 80's. Yeah, the animation and story lines were typical Filmation, but i absolutely loved the character designs. Who doesn't love a giant ape in a hat and shorts that drives a supernatural jeep and busts ghosts? Classic, i say! Classic!


Unknown said...

It's awesome that you immortalized Tracy. Not enough folks give props to that show! Great piece.

Anonymous said...

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